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Cable Measurements: Distance, Fault Types, Distance to Faults, Impedance Readings, and Loop Resistance.

Cable Types: Coax; all types, Twisted Pairs, Single-Wires in a Harness, Power Cables

Other Applications: Moisture content in soil or wood. Tank level liquid measurement. Movement detection in rock or soil.

Vector Network Analyzers


Antenna Testing, Tuning and Alignment
Measurements Include: SWR, RL, Impedance, Reactance, Resistance, Phase Angle, Log Loss or Linear Loss between antennas.

Cable FDR Testing for DTF at frequency or in band
Power Readings
Spectrum Analysis

Circuit Analysis: Log Gain/Loss, Linear Gain/Loss and Group Delay

MRI or NMR Coil Testing and Tuning

SWR and Return Loss Meters


Antenna Testing, Tuning and Alignment

Measurements: SWR, Return Loss, and Relative Power Readings

Avionics kitS


A Complete Kit to meet your needs.
Full Avionics Kit.

Whether you need cable or antenna testing, coil tuning or a fault finder, we've got a product that will get you taken care of and solve your cable problems.

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