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Take These Features Into Account When Selecting A Spectrum Analyzer

There are many aspects of the Spectrum Analyzer that will determine its performance. Focusing on certain key features will greatly simplify the selection process for a given application. In this blog, we will talk about those key features in some detail.

Engineers all around the world have realized that making RF measurements has become necessary as wireless technologies have virtually taken over every aspect of our lives. Not long ago, spectrum analysis in the field involved costly, less-than-portable equipment that was more suited to the laboratory than applications found in the field.  Moreover, this equipment was entrusted to only a small number of number of engineers who were well-versed in RF measurements and had mastered the proper operation of the SA's of the era.  These days, with the proliferation of wireless systems only increasing, engineers belonging to different backgrounds must now make these same RF measurements.  Modern, portable spectrum analyzers are the solution.

These analyzers are some of the most common instruments that are employed to do RF signals measurements.  Back in the old days, spectrum analyzers used to be quite costly but as RF integrated circuits became more advanced with time, their costs begin to drop. The prices have come down so much that many companies are surprised how affordable RF instrumentation has become.  Now, companies can get costly, lab-grade spectrum analyzers for demanding requirements and use moderately-priced yet capable PC-based analyzers to stock every bench.  The latter analyzers are sufficient for handling as much as 95 percent of the workload.  When buying a proper spectrum analyzer, we will recommend you to take into account the below-mentioned features.

Apart from these three features, you should also consider separation of the hardware systems and real time spectrum analysis when buying a spectrum analyzer. At AEA Technology, you can buy quality, cost-effective testing solutions. You can try our VNA Site Analyzer hand-held device that will not just work as a spectrum analyzer but also as vector analyzer, and Frequency Domain Reflectometer.