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Welcome to the Sales Desk

Our Sales Desk is here to help you with your purchasing options. View our US Distributors, International Distributors, Manufacturer Reps and get a quote on our amazing products online.

Make a purchase with AEA Technology via one of our distributors, or contact us directly.

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About Our Distributors

AEA Technology, Inc. has a list of US Distributors and International Distributors that carry our product line.  Many offer discounts based on their own customer relations programs.  For international customers purchasing through your country's AEA Technology distributor is your best option. Click international distributors below to see of your country has an AEA Technology distributor.  If not, contact us by phone at +1-760-931-8979 or Fax at +1-760-931-8969 or by email at and we will happy to assist you.


GSA Contract Purchases

AEA Technology, Inc. supports GSA qualified customers through our distributor TESSCO and EDMO.  GSA eligible customers can get TESSCO's GSA contract pricing on almost all AEA Technology products. The link below shows key products on TESSCO's website.  If the product you need is not shown please contact us for a part number to supply to TESSCO. Visit and

Get Assistance with Our Manufacturer Reps

In the USA, AEA Technology, Inc. employs three groups of manufacturer representatives - CATV reps, Telco Reps, and Wireless Reps.  All specialize in their field so they understand our products and their best applications in each field.  Our reps do not sell our products directly, but will help you choose the right product for your application, have demo units available, and can direct you to us or our distributors for the purchase.

Need help? Contact a manufacturer rep below


Need more help? Reach out to us directly.

You can purchase directly from AEA Technology, Inc. via credit card, purchase order (qualified buyers), wire transfer or by check.  Only exception to this method are customers in countries where we have a local distributor. In those cases, and to better serve you, we will refer you to our local distributor .   If your country does not have a local distributor please purchase directly call us at 1-800-258-7805 or email You can also select "Get a Quote" and pick AEA Technology from the drop down.