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Use our video library to watch detailed videos on how TDRs Work, cable testing and more.

Step TDR

Introduction to AEA Technology's E20/20 Step TDRs

A brief description about each model's display, keypad, connectors, and cable lists for different applications. (Time - 4:13)

How TDRs Work

A basic description about TDR technology and how TDRs displays distance to end-of-cable and cable faults. (Time- 3:58)

The Advantages of Using Step TDR Technology

Covers the technical differences between Step and Pulse TDRs and when Step TDRs provide more information about a cable's characteristics. (Time- 4:38)

E20/20 TDRs' Menus

Describes the menus, menu navigation, and available testing and setup features in AEA Technology's TDRs. (Time- 5:12)

E20/20 TDRs' Function Keys

Describes the Function Keys actions, features and uses.

ETDR PC Vision Software

Shows various uses including loading and saving test results, modifying cable lists, and creating/downloading instrument setups.

Coaxial Cable Testing

Describes various setups and testing examples on coax cables. Also shows some common coax cable faults.

Testing Twisted Pair Cables

Shows how to test twisted pair cables using an AEA Technology E20/20 step TDR.

Aircraft Wire Testing

Shows how to test single-wires in aircraft wiring harnesses using AEA Technology' Avionics step TDR

Liberator Site Analyzers

AEA Liberator Spectrum Analyzer Operation

Setting up and Using the Spectrum Analyzer Function In Liberator Series VNA Site Analyzer

Liberator FDR Demonstration

How to use the Frequency Domain Reflectometer (FDR) Function in AEA's Liberator Series SWR and VNA Site Analyzer

AEA Liberator SWR & Return Loss

How to set up and measure SWR and Return Loss of an antenna in the Liberator series SWR and VNA Site Analyzer

AEA Liberator Tracking Generator

This video explains how to set up and tune Duplexers using AEA Technology Inc. Liberator series VNA Site Analyzer

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