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Cable Measurements: Distance, Fault Types, Distance to Faults, Impedance Readings, and Loop Resistance.

Cable Types: Coax; all types, Twisted Pairs, Single-Wires in a Harness, Power Cables

Other Applications: Moisture content in soil or wood. Tank level liquid measurement. Movement detection in rock or soil.

Vector Network Analyzers


Antenna Testing, Tuning and Alignment
Measurements Include: SWR, RL, Impedance, Reactance, Resistance, Phase Angle, Log Loss or Linear Loss between antennas.

Cable FDR Testing for DTF at frequency or in band
Power Readings
Spectrum Analysis

Circuit Analysis: Log Gain/Loss, Linear Gain/Loss and Group Delay

MRI or NMR Coil Testing and Tuning

SWR and Return Loss Meters


Antenna Testing, Tuning and Alignment

Measurements: SWR, Return Loss, and Relative Power Readings

Avionics TDR


The Avionics TDR and TDR Avionics Kit are designed specifically for testing and fault location on aircraft wiring. Both models have been upgraded to include military grade RF shielding and explosion proof TDRs. The Step TDR is ideal for troubleshooting all types of coax, twisted pairs, single-wires in a harness, and aircraft power cables.

Whether you need cable or antenna testing, coil tuning or a fault finder, we've got a product that will get you taken care of and solve your cable problems.

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