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a time domain reflectometer perfect for aircraft wiring and aviation

Boeing Approved! #1 Tools for Aging Wiring Systems

Save Time & Money! Specifically designed for testing aircraft wiring - coax, twisted pairs, or single-wires in a harness.  Provides the clearest possible TDR trace of cables, highly accurate distance to fault (DTF) or end of cable. Displays impedence and loop resistance. Has dual cursors, backlit quarter VGA display, 32 trace memory and 64 cable types.  PC software is included for uploading, storing, and printing test results, and managing cable lists and more.
Certification: Feb 2022   CE EMC: EN/IEC 61326-1:2013/2020
Safety: EN/IEC 61010-1:2010 +A1:2016 + C1:2019


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