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Avionics TDR Complete Kit™


Ultimate in Hand-Held Step TDR Technology, now in an Avionics Kit

If you want to save time and money, our avionics time domain reflectometer is just for you. We’ve specifically designed it to test aircraft wiring, whether it’s coax, twisted pairs, or single-wires in a harness. These time domain reflectometers also provide a very clear TDR trace of cables as well as a highly accurate distance to fault (DTF) or end of cable. On top of that, each unit displays both impedance and loop resistance while having dual cursors, a backlit quarter VGA display, 32 trace memory, and 64 cable types. The PC software needed to run these avionics time domain reflectometers is included with each purchase. This allows easy uploading, storing, printing test results, and managing of cable lists for this device.

If you’d like to learn more about this product and what it can do for your business, be sure to reach out to us. Our contact information is listed below. Our team is on standby, waiting to answer all your questions, and ready to give you a quote on these reflectometers and other products. So don’t hesitate—call or email us today.


Ranges: from 0-10ft (0-2m) to 20,000ft (5Km)
No dead zones on any range setting
Range Zoom on Cursor
Impedance zoom using Z Scale
Cursor reading down to ±½ inch (±8mm)
Cable List with up to 64 cable types
BNC and RJ45 connectors standard
Setup Wizard - step-by-step start up assistance
Context sensitive help
Cell phone style alpha-numeric entry pad
Keypad LED indicators for active function
Cable toning - coax or wire pairs
Stores 32 traces with name, date & time
Rechargeable NiMH AA cells (included)
ETDR PC Vision software (included)
Kit Case is ATA rated and MIL-STD tested


Test coax, twisted pairs, or single wires using same TDR.
Wire to-wire or wire to airframe
Accurate and clear trace indication of faults
Secure, but convenient accessory access
More advanced features to aid troubleshooting
Save, upload, print or email TDR’s traces
Find faults other TDRs miss
Clear wiring trouble more quickly with less testing
Customize, upload, and download Cable Lists, PC-to-TDR
Saved traces are also saved setups for recall
Noise detection and noise filtering
Locate coax or pairs quickly using Tone Function
Setup Wizard makes starting use easy and helps train new users
“Belt Friendly” TDR size and only 2.2 lbs (1Kg)

Coax-high impedance (Z)
& open far end
Coax crimp using
MicroFault locating

Wet twisted pair cable
ETDR PC Vision
Graphical Display
Certification: Feb 2022   CE EMC: EN/IEC 61326-1:2013/2020
Safety: EN/IEC 61010-1:2010 +A1:2016 + C1:2019

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