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Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR): E20/20 Step TDR (4 models)

Fault locating for: opens , shorts, bridged taps, split and resplit pairs, water, chaffing damage, coax crimps and splices, shunt faults, series resistive faults, splitters.  Any impedance or loop resistance affecting fault.

Micro Fault locating: Two modes designed to pin-point small faults easy to miss on any full TDR trace.  Particularly on long coax cables.

Stores: 32 Traces and instrument setups. 64 Cable types with their impedance and velocity.

Help: Both a Setup Wizard for step-by-step guided startups and one-button context sensitive help for all menus and functions.The E20/20 Step TDR is guaranteed to save time and money by quickly and accurately locating even small cable faults and by not chasing cable faults that don't exist.View the applicable data sheet below for more details and key specifications.

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CATV TDR Data SheetGeneral TDR Data SheetView more videos for the step tdr

E20/20 TDR Avionics Kit

Designed specifically for aviation applications the E20/20 TDR Avionics Kit is contained in an ATA-3000 Class 1 carrying case.  The custom foam is designed to hold the E20/20 TDR and accessories securely to prevent FOD and the lid label provides a clear indiction of what item should be in every foam cut-out location. The E20/20 TDR has both BNC and RJ-45 test ports and an aviation customized cable list in the memory. The list provides quick access to a variety of common aviation coax, twisted pair and single-wires' impedances and velocity factors.   Avionics Kit Data SheetView the Avionics Kit data sheet below for details and specifictions