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VIA Echo™ Analyzer

via echo | A top of the line vector network analyzer

This Hand-Held Echo Covers All the Bases...

The Echo is a handheld Vector Impedance Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Frequency Domain Reflectometer (FDR) and Power Meter for measuring antennas, networks, and cables. Echo has the capability of providing digital measurements and graphical sweep displays of impedance, RF power gain, or cable quality. The Echo’s testing functionality combined with it’s 4MHz to 1.0GHz or 2.5GHz frequency ranges makes it a versatile tool for numerous service applications.

The Echo PC Vision™ software application, included with the VIA Echo, provides the user with the capability of remotely operating the VIA Echo through a USB port and view near real-time results or Echo’s stored tests on a PC. PC Vision provides color Cartesian and Smith Charts of vector plot data. The PC Vision software makes the capture, storage, and printing of documentation and reports easy.


•  Simultaneously view two separate plots with different scales
•  Automatic calibration and self-test
•  Large numeric display in CW mode
•  S11 and S21 test ports
•  Cable/fixture  nulling
•  250 memory slots for both plot storage and setup data
•  Echo PC Vision software included Real time display
of plots on PC Smith chart display
•EASY uploads into PC
•  Quarter VGA backlit LCD
•  Auditory cues for non-visual tuning
•  Spectrum Analyzer and FDR (1000SF & 2500)
•  Lightweight and portable
•  Internal NiMH or NiCd recharger
•  USB communication to PC


•   CW mode
•   Cable Null
•   Custom instrument settings
•   Automatic internal calibration
•  Fast frequency or width entry via keypad
•  Date/Time stamped testing
•   PPT training included

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